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Oct 29, 2013 4:30am PDT
supervisors will discuss a new tax on soda. scott weiner now lobbying for a 20 cent surcharge on each can or bottle sold here in the city. the money would pay for health, nutrition and activity programs for young people. >> as long as i know for sure it's definitely going towards that program and definitely going towards that cause then, yeah, i'd pay for the tax. >> sugar is terrible for you. i feel like people would stop drinking sugary soda if it was 25 cents extra. similar tax measures were defeated last year in richmond and in los angeles county town of el monte. >>> the snow is coming down. more than a foot has fallen in the highest elevation. ian schwartz with more on the season's first storm. >> a week ago we were dealing with temperatures near 80 degrees up here in the sierra but now snow are reminding drivers winter is not far off. >> weeks of sun and warmth tooshg a backseat to temperatures and snow today in the sierra. >> it was quite a change. >> scenes like this make snow junkies like jason smith sal fing. not everyone was welcoming the winter blast, though. traffic came
Oct 29, 2013 5:00am PDT
would pay for health, nutrition and activity programs for young people. >> i vote for the tax, yeah. as long as i know for sure it's definitely going toward that program and definitely going toward that cause then, yeah, i'd pay for the tax. >> sugar is terrible for you and everyone drinks sugar all the time. i feel like people would stop drinking sugar y sodas if they were 24 cents extra. >> the idea would need support from the majority of supervisors to get on the ballot. similar measures were defeetd last year. >>> and protesters plan a rally today against another one of scott weiner's proposals. this time, the supervisor wants san francisco parks to close between mid niethd and 5:00 a.m.. the idea is to stop vandalism and theft. protesters say the plan targets homeless people. today's rally will be at noontime at city hal. >>> celebrity chef guy fierri took the stand against bay area teen accused of stealing his lam boar gee knee. max is accused of repealing into a san francisco car dealership in 2011 and stealing the $200,000 car to impress a girl. fieri spent five minutes on t
Oct 29, 2013 6:00am PDT
area city may start costing you a little bit more. san francisco supervisor is pushing for a new tax on each can or a bottle of soda sold here in the city. >>> more than a thousand people are expected to march to the sonoma county sheriff's office in santa rosa today to protest the shooting of 13-year-old andy lopez. kpix 5 reporter is live there and, kate, this is expected to be the largest demonstration yet. >> that's right, michelle. there is a lot of discontent towards law enforcement in this community. today, nearly 1500 demonstrators are expect today pack on the pressure at yet another rally. as you -- as this is going on, we're also learning new details about the sheriff's deputy who shot andy lopez last week. he's identified as 48-year-old gelhaus. hees been with the sonoma county sheriff's department for more than 20 years. gelhaus is also a field training officer and firearm instructor. the sheriff's office says his deputies feel terrible about what happened. >> horrible tragedy for all involved. >> gelhaus is a veteran of the iraq war and contributor to several gun web sit
Nov 4, 2013 6:00am PST
counties voters are going to be deciding on bond measures and sales tax increases. in this graphic you can see the counties in which you may get some sticker shock when you get your property bill or when you go to check out if you are not careful. be sure to check your ballots if you live in those places. in particular, even bankrupt stockton is asking its res tents d to pay more in sales tax from 8.25 to a 9% sales tax estimate today bring in $28 million a year. however, the most interesting ballot measure goes to sunnyvale. pro-gun control advocates there have put a measure on the ballot that prohibit having magazines on their gun that can hold more than ten rounds of ammunition. this is a huge fight on both sides. this will be the one to watch in the bay area. >> that's here in california. how about outside? are there other interesting things going on election-wise? >> absolutely. in new jersey voters will be decide to go raise minimum wage to $8.25. in new york state voters are going to be deciding whether to allow gambling casinos to be built. a total of seven with four in ups
Oct 31, 2013 5:00am PDT
qualify for tax credits on a sliding scale based on household income. but there's this 10% of americans who don't have insurance right now who earn more than 4 times the poverty level so that's about household income for a family of four we're talking about $94,000. so those 10%, the bill for healthcare is going to be steep and could be, you know, 30, 40% more expensive than the government's initial estimate. of the average. >> wow. so why are some that may have private policies going to have to pay more then? >> reporter: you know, like we heard in that package right before this piece under the new law insurance companies must provide a base level of healthcare. well, that means that a lot of the current high deductible plans that offer catastrophic coverage only, they have to be replaced with more comprehensive and by extension more expensive plans. some companies just are not going to be able to provide those plans so approximately 2 million americans have been notified that they will lose their existing coverage. >> jill, is there anything else these people can do? >> repo
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5